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by Architect Rosangela Mammola

Progetto restauro
The first intervention planned for this project concerns the frescoes on the next-to-last bay among two pilaster strip capitals, which are missing the lower part, placed on the Oratory’s left wall (from the entrance), before the Sacristy’s door. 

Given the serious state of disrepair these artworks are in, there is a serious risk of losing visibility of the parts we can see today: in consideration of this and of the present availability of funds, we suggest establishing a protective system, then restoring these frescoes before any other intervention is made. A relevant part of the project will consist in putting in place an appropriate and effective air-conditioning system to preserve this and all other frescoes from a worsening of their present states. In absence of such a system, deterioration will be inevitable, due to environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, and variations of the above: quick changes in temperature lead to condensation, while scarce ventilation means the temperature can rise to unacceptable values in summer. The presence of damp spots indicates possible water seepage, especially on the northern wall, and it seems like the perimeter walls take an excessively long time to dry after rain (in particular, this is true of the southern wall, probably because of the very small gutter ledge, which barely serves to protect the façade.) 

Two of the objects within the Church are of enough value to justify restoration: the seventeenth-century wooden altar, which also frames an interesting oil painting from the same time-period, restored in the ‘80s, and the organ-case, placed above the wooden choir, which has already been restored. Complete restoration of the organ’s inside mechanisms will be left for a future, specific, project.